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How to Be Smart With Your Money and *Still* Treat Yourself in College

Figuring out your personal finances is honestly, well, intimidating. It’s this lingering worry in the back of your head—you know you have to get your money sorted, but it’s easier to do it “soon” and until then continue to like memes on Instagram about being broke and still treating yourself (been there.) Being smart about financial decisions doesn’t have to…

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The Unspeakable Cost of Parenthood

One morning in May 2016 — having unexpectedly become a single parent several months earlier, and sick of lying awake nights trying to mentally balance my household budget — I did something that, at the time, felt drastic and slightly shameful. After taking my 5-year-old to school and my 2-year-old to day care, I returned to our fourth-floor walk-up, tidied…

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