Writer Spreads Multicultural Message through African Folktale Revival.

Denise Ajayi-Williams_GC4W_ Ultimate SuperMom Denise Ajayi-Williams wanted to give her child and other children of African descent the story of a hero that “resembles a champion from their own community,” so she decided to write one of her own.

The result is Akiti the Hunter — a five-part children’s book series that chronicles the adventures of an action hero based on African folklore.  According to traditional tales from the Yoruba tribe of West Africa, Akiti was a hunter and wrestler who boasted magical feats of strength. Williams is introducing the legend to children through her book series, and she plans to expand the brand to a children’s animated series. The book is available for purchase worldwide on Barnes & Nobles.

“The goal is to bring an authentic African hero into American pop culture. Having this kind of positive African image in mainstream culture is long overdue,” Ajayi-Williams said.

The creation of the Akiti books is just one way that Ajayi-Williams is fulfilling her broader mission to “highlight unsung heroes of the world community, highlight the uniqueness of every race, and celebrate diversity,” she said.

Denise Ajayi-Williams channels that mission through her website, workingmomin20s.com, where she posts articles about women who have fomented positive changes in their communities, demonstrated leadership, and promoted education in engineering, entrepreneurship, and medicine.

Purchase your copy of Akiti The Hunter now on Barnes & Nobles

The website’s name is inspired by the 1920s—the era of the First Wave of Feminism—and celebrates “how far we have come as women.”

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Based in northern California, Ajayi-Williams is looking to spread the message of multiculturalism internationally: for her next project, she will launch a line of seven dolls representing seven countries.

While cultivating so many projects, she strives to strike a solid work–life balance. She is a business owner, employee, wife, graduate student, author, and writer who values and “understands the importance of family.” She believes in the empowerment of not only her child, but of children in her community and beyond.

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