According Geri Stengel of the Ventureneer and a contributor at Forbes, Women have a powerful tool for improving the lives of other girls and women — with money. She went on to add “Gender is the most powerful determinant of how we see the world and everything in it,”“It’s more significant than age, income, ethnicity, or geography.” said Bridget Brennan, Forbes writer and an expert on marketing to women.

4. Political Power

More women vote than men, but women lag way behind men in political contributions, according to an analysis of data from Crowdpac, done by Upshot and reported in The New York Times. Only about 30% of big campaign donors  are women and the estimated gap in overall fundraising is even larger, because the average contribution from a man is much larger than the average for a woman. Women give more to liberals and to other women.

5. Preneur Power