“Women will only have true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.” ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US Supreme Court Justice

Summary: One of few woman currently serving on the US Supreme Court, Justice Ginsburg exercises influence over the laws that govern the United States. Like Justice O’Connor before her, Justice Ginsburg helps make the decisions of the highest court in the US, making her not only one of the most influential, but one of the most powerful women in the world. One way her influence can be shown is in the presidential debate: it has been said that whoever becomes president will be pressured to appoint a woman to the Court to replace her when she retires.

Nationality: American

Industry: U.S. Government Justice System

Q: What was it like getting into law at a time when it wasn’t common amongst women? on pbs.org

A: In the ancient days, when I was going to college, the law wasn’t a welcoming profession for women. In those days, in the Southern District, most judges wouldn’t hire women. In the U.S. attorney’s office, women were strictly forbidden in the Criminal Division. There was one woman in the Civil Division. And the excuse for not hiring women in the Criminal Division was they have to deal with all these tough types, and women aren’t up to that. And I was amazed. I said, have you seen the lawyers at legal aid who are representing these tough types? They’re all women.

People ask me sometimes, when — when do you think it will it be enough? When will there be enough women on the court? And my answer is when there are nine.

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