“Always be ready and never drop your guard. In such a long career one must have’ clear goals and continuously put in great effort.” ~Marcela Remoli, Head of Marketing of HSBC Argentina

Summary: With an extensive commercial experience, after working 15 years in different business areas of Citibank, Marcela Remoli learned to understand the needs of the clients bybeing close to them; this helped her to adapt traditional marketing and work on proposals according to what customers really needed in a bank. Remoli worked three years in charge of Marketing at Citi Bank, positioning the brand function to “be where customers are”. She then spent almost five years in charge of Marketing at HSBC, generating a different value proposition, supported by the global strategy, but adapting to local needs. Today, Remoli is taking on the challenge of collaborating on different projects that motivate her to give value from the knowledge that she acquired for so many years working in these such big companies. lessons learned You also need to have a support system. When you speak up, be prepared to pay the price, including losing your job or custody of your children. You could also face a lot of pressure from the family. My family has been totally against it, not because they don’t want me to get rights, but because they are afraid that I would be harmed. But if you keep quiet, then nothing will change and you will always be in the silent majority.

Nationality: Argentinian

Industry: Management & Marketing

Q: What is the secret to success in your work? on malevamag.com

A: The secret is when you think about the details of the brand and when you are close to the people. The best work is achieved by being close to the client, living their everyday experiences, not behind a desk. When we organize an event, I go, talk to people, listen to the opinions and that fascinates them and me, because then I have very clear the things they like and those that do not. To understand what people want, I rely mainly on being close, being is how you understand what customers value and what they would like to change. I always remember when I started marketing. When I was proposed it gave me something, but my forte was always to know what customers want, to understand them. From there I built all the value propositions, they chose me for what I had done before, listen, analyze and apply. This type of work is achieved by being part of what we offer.