“There is power in having a vision, but it has to be articulated and be made a reality.” ~ Khanyi Dhlomo, Founder and CEO of Ndalo Media

Summary: Khanyi Dhlomo is the Managing Director of Ndalo Media, which she founded in 2007. She is also the founder of DestinyConnect and the founding editor of Destiny Magazine. Before starting her own media company, Khanyi was editor of True Love magazine for eight years. In 2013, Khanyi ventured in retail and launched Luminance, a high-end fashion and lifestyle department store. Khanyi was named most influential woman in South African Media by The Media Magazine in 2003 and made the 2011 Forbes list of 20 Young Power Women in Africa. More recently, Khanyi’s entrepreneurial journey has taken back into the world of retail, with the development and launch of South Africa’s first boutique department store in the country – Luminance, in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. This glamorous new retail experience is unlike anything else in the country, providing a real sense of luxury for the shopper and offering the best selection of international designer labels in one store. This is one more milestone in Khanyi’s highly successful entrepreneurial journey to date.

Nationality: South-African

Industry: Business

Q: Have you ever considered a career other than the one you have now? on lionessesofafrica.com

A: I have had opportunities to work in the corporate world, but I’ve chosen not to at this point. I believe I can have far more impact creating jobs, helping women advance, and making a difference to society as an entrepreneur.

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