“Every time you observe you give yourself the opportunity to learn.” ~ Libby Fischer, CEO at Whetstone Education

Summary: Libby Fischer took the helm of Whetstone Education, a New Orleans-based K-12 classroom observation platform in November 2014. Within nine months, she and her two-man team evolved the product to facilitate teacher coaching and professional development, and fast-tracked a UI/UX overhaul focused on recording and measuring qualitative data in addition to traditional quantitative data. In 2015, Fischer built out a team consisting of 80% women, and developed new partnerships with Uncommon Schools, YES Prep, and KIPP, in addition to more than 140 schools nationwide. Libby is a graduate of St. Louis University, a Teacher for America alumna, and has recently been selected for the Forbes 2016 “30 under 30” most influential people in Education.

Nationality: American

Industry: Education

Q: How does it feel being nominated by Forbes 2016 “30 under 30” most influential people in education? on educationdive.com

A: It’s an honor to be nominated and in the company of such impressive leaders.