“You need to go through hell before you realize how good you had it, or how good you could have it. I’m grateful for all the mistakes made. I’m a better person because of everything I’ve been through.” ~ Bonang Matheba, TV Personality and Radio DJ

Summary: Bonang Matheba is a self-made TV personality and Radio DJ, better known for co-hosting Top Billing as well as Tbo Touch on Metro FM. Her depute on television and radio lead to Bonang becoming an overnight sensation, and the most sought-after female personality in South Africa. Since then, she has shared the stage with well-respected local and international performers within the entertainment industry, and has created an empire around herself and her brand, “Queen B”. She is also a strong advocate for gender equality in Southern Africa and has become a major influencer of the new, up and coming generation of African Millennials.

Nationality: South African

Industry: Entertainment &Activism

Q: How does it feel having achieved what most people don’t in a lifetime? on graziadaily.com

A: It’s unreal. I still wake up every morning in awe of how blessed I’ve been. Watching my hard work and dedication manifest into so many incredible achievements is enough to leave anyone in a state of disbelief sometimes. All this and I’m not even 29 years old yet! It’s an out of body feeling sometimes, especially when I meet young people who remind me how my work has touched them or changed their lives.