Congratulations to all the women named #GC4W100 Top Women in the World, read about the contributors of the list here.

Abby Efrem                         

“I am a rising senior at Great Neck South High School with a passion for Public Relations and Digital Media Marketing. I feel that these women all belong on the list because of the vast influence they have all had in empowering women around the world. Although they come from many different backgrounds and industries, I find that these women all share a common goal of advocating for women’s rights through the medium of their choice. These women also serve as role models for others around the world, for they have all accomplished so much both in and outside of their careers.”

Anahita Kaul 

“Currently doing my masters in Integrated Marketing, I wish to specialize in the field of Digital Marketing further on. I am a member of the NYU SPS Graduate Student Council as the Chair of the Community Service Committee. Original from India, living in Dubai, I came to New York about 10 months ago to pursue my masters at NYU. By being a member of the Community Service team at GC4Women, I wish to establish an everlasting relationship with the organizations so that we can work towards helping out in larger numbers and with a more powerful ambition. What I love about these women is that they use criticism to do good for society, they love what they do, and their fearless ability to challenge society in order to speak on behalf of millions of women.”

Argy Momeni

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“I believe that influencing women and advocating women’s rights transcends industrial and geographical boundaries. Inspiring women to become strong, independent individuals can start as small as a mere implication: a spark of light in a woman’s heart to become something more; to break the glass ceiling; to move forward. My list of Women are not generic, but “Top Influential Women.” These women have challenged female roles within their respected industries, and consequently the stigma associated with women independence. They have stood for what inspired them, and what they believed in, which is not only courageous and admirable, but should also be noted and celebrated.”

Caitlyn Lubas             

“I am a rising sophomore at New York University Stern School of Business studying Data Science and Marketing with a minor in Sociology. With my studies and career aspirations lying in the realm of entrepreneurship and tech, I look up to women who hold their own in overwhelmingly male-dominated industries. It was not until I sat down to select my nominees for #GC4W100 that I realized just how few women CEOs and founders exist in the world today. The women I selected to nominate for #GC4W100 are all women who inspire me with their independence, innovation, and fearlessness as they pave the way and serve as inspiration for future generations of powerful female leaders.”

Kristina Dewald

“I’m a graduate student at New York University studying Marketing Analytics. I was born and raised in Russia. Coming to New York and starting a new life in a new place requires a lot of bravery, courage, and hard work. Everyday, I see and meet many other women that were exemplary and inspired me to look up, to move forward, and to build a new and open world together. The women I selected are the truly unbelievable achievers in what they do and deserve the respect for who they have become. In my list of nominees for #GC4W100, are foreign-born women who achieved the remarkable outside of the countries of their origin.”

Pranali Prakash Gotpagar

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“I am a graduate student of Integrated Marketing at New York University specializing in digital marketing. Gender inequality is unfortunately still persistent in some sectors of the world. In times like these, we are in desperate need of female role models for the current and next generation to look up to. Through the years, some remarkable women have achieved great heights despite of the odds and society being against them. I wish to utilize GC4W as a platform to showcase my list of powerful women that I look up to. Simple because the essence of GC4W resonates with that of my favorite powerful leaders. They all belong to different industries, yet eventually, exhibit the same strong message- initiate to see change.”

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