The launch of the GC4W Top 100 Women in the World, an alphabetical list of inspiring women and global shapers from diverse professional disciplines was met with immense success. Our favorite part of the launch has been reading the collective outpour of heartfelt congratulations, inspiring messages, and stories shared from supporters, fans and readers on how inspired they felt because of the women on our list.

The #GC4W100 generated over 5.7 Million impressions and reached over 2.9 Million people worldwide — additionally, we saw a +2,860% growth in social media site engagement.

“We are pleased with the initial results of this campaign as we celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of the women on our list. We are also grateful to all our GC4W contributors for their incredible support and contributions to the Top 100 Women list.  Our aim was to celebrate their individualities and accomplishments as a whole, and help to foster the world where women are celebrated in various parts of the world for making bold moves in their careers” said Lilian Ajayi-Ore, Founder & CEO, Global Connections for Women Foundation.

On @GC4Women Twitter page, we received an enormous amount of positive feedbacks — with a few hundred retweets, likes, and comments — setting a new record for #GC4W100 as one of the top ranking hashtags in history.


We thank you for commenting and celebrating with us, this only reassures us that list served its purpose of not only giving these women their well-deserved recognition. All while uniting and strengthening the community of women around the world — which is our primary goal as the Global Connections For Women. Again, we appreciate your feedback, and thank you for supporting the women on our list, we have decided to share some of your heartfelt comments online for everyone to read 🙂 

Khanyi Dhlomo, you’re a Queen! So thankful I have women like you that I can learn from as a young women in media.” ~Odwa

“I have been opportune to have worked with Bunmi Banjo, I must state that she truly deserves this honor. She’s very passionate about what she does and she believes in building and changing lives.” ~Kaosiso Anaekwe

Khanyi Dhlomo, well deserved. It’s amazing how you stayed humble, with all your achievements over the years. May God continue to set you higher and higher.” ~ Bliss Yeni‏

Keiana Cavé, although a little younger than I am, is someone I look up to and highly (HIGHLY) respect. At the moment, I am still enrolled into CHE in college because I found her. Prior to knowing about her I was SERIOUSLY contemplating dropping out, but then something she said on Quora hit me. Kiki is a blessing to our generation and the only thing on my “bucket list” right now is to see her in person. Kiki, if you ever get to read this, just know this… I’ll make you proud. I promise.” ~Kizito

If you have any more stories or comments about your favorite GC4W Top 100 Women in the World, please feel free to leave us a comment on their post or to tell us on Twitter.

We thank you all very much for your tremendous support.