Apply to the FFC and UBS’s Investment Readiness Program for Female Founders. Project Entrepreneur 2020: FFC’s Program To Promote The Success of Female Founders.

The Female Founder Collective (FFC), a network of female-owned and led businesses, is continuing to expand its mission to empower female entrepreneurs and business leaders with Project Entrepreneur 2020. In partnership with UBS, the world’s largest wealth management firm, FFC created this program to promote the growth and success of female-founded companies through increased access to capital and support networks. This year, the program will have an increased focus on building bridges to capital to increase the power of female-founded companies.

Project Entrepreneur accelerates the growth of female-founded companies by increasing their investment readiness, building bridges to capital, and investing in ecosystems that empower our most innovative entrepreneurs.

In Project Entrepreneur’s Investment Readiness Program, experts in the community will teach fundraising education as well as help founders to develop skills that will further refine their business models and investment negotiations. FFC co-founders Alison Wyatt and Rebecca Minkoff are excited to continue their empowerment and advancement of female-led businesses through this year’s program.

 “As founders, we understand the urgency of the fundraising process and the combination of skills, resources, and relationships needed to navigate it. Women have the power to transform our culture and communities, and giving them the tools to succeed through Project Entrepreneur couldn’t be a better investment in our future…” said Rebecca Minkoff, according to UBS

We are happy to announce that Lilian Ajayi Ore, the Founder and CEO of the Global Connections for Women Foundation, joins as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the UBS Project Entrepreneur Investment Readiness Program. Lilian recently launched the GC4W Entrepreneurship Program, where female entrepreneurs can develop the skills and competencies they need to transform and scale their business while uniting with a network of female founders.

The UBS Project Entrepreneur is an outstanding program specifically designed to equip female founders with the skills, knowledge, and networks they need to thrive while growing their business. The program also provides a rare opportunity for women entrepreneurs to learn how to pitch, revise their business model, and build their pipeline of investors, a critial area of development for several female founders,” adds Lilian Ajayi Ore.

Project Entrepreneur will welcome two cohorts of 25 founders for three half-day sessions in New York City, which will kick off in April and Los Angeles beginning in the summer, 2020.

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If you are interested in applying to this program, visit for important information on eligibility, due dates, and application requirements.

Apply to the Project Entrepreneur 2020 Cohort


Women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs and among our economy’s most vital and dynamic assets,  transforming our communities through the 1,800 businesses they start every day and the $1.8 trillion they generate in revenue. Yet, far too many women are cut off from the capital and support networks they need to take their companies to the next level.

Through Project Entrepreneur, UBS is on a mission to change the status quo for female founders. As the world’s largest global wealth manager, UBS is activating the transformational power of female entrepreneurs to expand and deepen impact beyond philanthropy – building generational wealth that can drive lasting and sustainable change.

In partnership with The Female Founder Collective – one of the fastest-growing networks of 5,000+ women-led businesses – Project Entrepreneur will have multi-city cohort programs, capital access summits for early and growth-stage founders, and community-building events that will provide them with the knowledge and networks needed for growth.

First launched by UBS in 2015, Project Entrepreneur has trained over 1,600 female founders and created new on-ramps to entrepreneurship for women across the country, with alumni going on to raise $45M in funding. This next phase of Project Entrepreneur will build on that success, with an increased focus on harnessing the catalytic power of female-founded companies by breaking down the barriers to capital. 

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