Francesca Vuillemin has dedicated her career of integrating public relations, sales and marketing strategies across social and experiential platforms. She began her career as an international fashion model, representing lifestyle and luxury brands through fashion media platforms. As her popularity grew in social media, she parlayed her social platform expertise into consultancies evolving into management roles for product launches and retail partnerships. Francesca brings her expertise in experiential activations driving sales and funding for philanthropic organizations and companies that support social impact by empowering women and respecting nature.

RESERVED MAGAZINE’s business relations director as their business relations director creating partnerships between brands and celebrities to support positive social impact. At the start of 2020, Francesca connected artists and creatives for the UN75 (initiative launched by the United Nations). At the onset of Covid-19,  Francesca produced the social impact podcast What Do You Believe? hosted by Andréa Marcucci while working New York Cares “Helping Hearts” campaign to support their initiative to support those most in need. 

March 2020, following the COVID-19 outbreak, Francesca began working as a producer with Andréa Marcucci founder of the podcast “What Do You Believe”. The premise of the show is to feature guests across multidisciplinary fields who inspire others through their service, activism and humanitarian work.

Focusing on the growing digital space, Francesca brings her marketing and sales abilities to create retail partnerships and influencer social media campaigns for independent fashion brands, creatives and publications such as Reserved Magazine,Vogue Japan online and the Six Scents II fragrance designer (3.1 Phillip Lim, Jeremy Scott and Henrik Vibskov) collaboration with with renowned Givaudan. Francesca spearheaded exclusive product placement at Galeries Lafayette, Paris. She similarly managed marketing and sales for the launch of the Gary Graham Collection, landing an exclusive retail program with Barneys New York.

An experiential enthusiast and environmental movement, she produced the first widely publicized Green Show in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. She also served as producer of the spatially augmented projection mapping for the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards. 

Francesca Vuillemin was appointed as board chair for the award-winning women’s empowerment organization GC4W Global Connections for Women Foundation, endorsed by the United Nations and recognized on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list.

Below, Francesca shares information on the New York Cares Campaign and her experience working on this project.

1. What inspired the New York Cares Campaign?

FV. This campaign was inspired by the need to find a creative way to volunteer while New York was under lockdown. Although my work with RESERVED magazine and the podcast What Do You Believe? was creating content to empower and inspire others by featuring positive role models, it didn’t take the place of physically volunteering. I missed volunteering on a Saturday morning at the St Joseph’s Soup Kitchen which would serve 300+ meals prepared by a wonderful crew or as I like to refer to them as ‘the army of unicorns’. 

One of those dear friends is award-winning interior designer Cate Brown who had reached out to me who felt so passionate about how she could give back to her beloved New York City. world. Without hesitation we decided that New York Cares was the perfect organization to partner with;  working tirelessly since 1987 to help those most in need. The same day I reached out to my friend, Keith Grossman (President of TIME magazine) who serves on the board of the organization and connected me with Gary Bagley, executive director of New York Cares. 

From their Cate and I worked closely with the New York Cares staff member overseeing development lead and strategic Partnership, Ryan and the “ Helping Hearts” collection was born and launched this August.

2) What was your selection process for the designers and creators you worked with for this campaign? 

FV. The campaign with New York Cares evolved into wanting to make this a longterm partnership by having artists whose work and philosophy we admire. The idea was to give the artists a custom Cate Brown pillow using vintage leather and recycled linen that would serve as a canvas. We have several artists confirmed for the project that will be unveiled shortly. BUT as a proud member of the GC4W community and as board chair, I am THRILLED to share a few images of the shoot I did with artist Jody Morlock also wearing her custom coats! We wanted to make this shoot feel vibrant and whimsical referencing 60s London, Mod and Biba girI while also staying true to Jody’s 80’s and 90’s downtown rock chic aesthetic. 

One thing is certain, whether it’s a restaurant interior, mural or an outerwear pieces that can be seen on icons Blondie and Cyndi Lauper; Jody brings life to any surface she hand-paints.

3) How has the reaction to this campaign being thus far?

FV. The first series from the “Helping Hearts has been so well received and continues to gain traction as those cooler weather sets in. One of the reactions I get is how beautiful the pillows look in person. The experience of taking the pillow cases out of the 100% compostable packaging alone is the epitome of sustainable luxury. The first reaction is BIG smile when reading about the premise of the collection and an even bigger one when they see so many fun heart motif’s in a plethora of different fabrications.  

4) What’s next in the NY Cares Campaign rollout? 

FV.  The next roll out is coming up in mid October. Once the works have been completed by each artist, they will then return the pillow 24’’ x 24’’ that we will then be photographed and forward we go with our fundraising efforts for New York Cares. More details and images coming soon to share with the wonderful GC4W community!

 In the meantime, you can support the campaign by purchasing the first helping hearts collection on, with 100% of profits going to New York Cares until the end of 2020. Cate is also a vendor on the GC4W marketplace so check out her beautiful work and Jody Morlock  

5) How can others connect with you? 

You can reach out on me via my website ( or my Instagram (