GC4W is so excited to announce that we are carrying Yina Yina on our newly launched GC4W Marketplace. We started a new campaign this month to encourage our community to #shopsmall and support female entrepreneurs when doing your holiday shopping this season. 

Founded by Yina Bae, a Korean American designer based in New York City, YINA YINA is an accessories brand inspired by simplicity. The Kafka collection features minimal bags that are carefully crafted with light-weight and durable double-sided leather. The unique color combinations and meticulous detailing make each bag effortlessly chic and timeless.

We sat down with Yina Bae about her collections, her entrepreneurship journey, her motivations, and more!

Q1. What inspired you to start your business?

YB. I taught myself how to sketch and sew at an early age because I really loved designing and creating something new. So, it naturally led me to dream to have my own brand someday. As working in both the garment and handbag design industry for years, I understood what it means to have a good handbag for women. I wanted to design bags that are easy to wear for any occasion and feel naturally confident and beautiful.

Q2. What can you share about the products you create and/or sell?

YB: Our Kafka Collection showcases modern-shape totes with unique color combinations on double-sided leather that we have developed exclusively for our line. It is durable, light-weighted, and water-resistant leather which is perfect to be used as a daily bag without being overpriced. I wanted the collection to be enjoyable through the mix and matching the colors, and coordinate and organize with a variety of small leather goods such as pouch or card case.

Q3. What do you love most about working with customers?

YB: Thankfully my customers complimented a lot about the bags leather, craftsmanship, size, and aesthetic value. It means a lot to me because I worked so hard to make this bag to make my customers happy and fill up the joy of the day.

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Q4. What motivated you to sell on the GC4W marketplace

YB: I think it is very fortunate to be around people with who I can share the same passion and goal. I am from a design background but I am missing a whole part of marketing/sales experience. Being around with GC4W has allowed me to learn and share this new perspective with other amazing female entrepreneurs and that is very inspiring and feel supported.

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Q5. What advice do you have for an aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner? 

YB: You have to change your mindset if you really mean to do this. Think like an entrepreneur and act like an entrepreneur. You are consistently dealing with various tasks and have to make decisions by yourself, so it can get lonely sometimes. You have to be patient and be kind to yourself because you are your best ally.

The GC4W Marketplace is an e-commerce site that will provide guests with the opportunity to support small women-owned businesses while viewing and purchasing various quality and sustainable products under one application. Small businesses will have the opportunity to feel supported during a new transition and have the opportunity to connect with new customers and to the gc4w community. 

We are counting on your support, and use code shopsmall towards your purchase for a very special offer. Thank you in advance for your support. 

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