With the impact of COVID-19 on small business owners globally, the Global Connections for Women Foundation is pleased to announce our newest venture, the GC4W Marketplace. It is through our efforts that small businesses will have the opportunity to feel supported during a new transition, while also still having access to valued domains through our e-commerce site. The GC4W e-commerce site will provide guests with the opportunity to support small women-owned businesses while viewing and purchasing various products under one application. 

With a reach of 3.5 Million people worldwide, and highly engaged +360,000 site visitors. The GC4W Marketplace was created to support small businesses and women entrepreneurs to expand their global reach. Our Marketplace will provide the ability to reach new customers while being supported by the Global Connections for Women Foundation. 

Our merchants and vendors will also have exclusive access to the GC4W University Programs, which will guide female entrepreneurs and small business owners with teachings on how to expand, transform, and globalize their businesses. Merchants selling on our e-commerce site will be working alongside mentors and business leaders to help construct their business goals and desires through the GC4W Circle Network. 

The GC4W Marketplace will allow merchants to grow their business through a network of champions, increase their brand awareness and networking, gain marketing and sales support, connect with other women entrepreneurs in the GC4W Circle Network and gain access to the GC4W University Programs

The Global Connections for Women Foundation is currently opening applications for those interested in becoming a member of the site. If you have an interest and passion for expanding your business with the GC4W Marketplace, please visit shop.gc4women.org. There, you will be able to apply as a merchant, complete your merchant profile, select a merchant service plan, upload your products to the e-commerce site, and start selling with new customers. 

Through the GC4W Marketplace, we hope to continue to empower women entrepreneurs and provide them with an outlet for reaching new audiences and locations. The Global Connections for Women is thrilled to welcome you to join the GC4W Marketplace.

Are you interested in becoming a Merchant? Submit your application here