Here are 17 Reasons to Shop Small on GC4W Marketplace

By Kate Schembri

The newly launched GC4W Marketplace is the perfect place for customers to support a variety of small women-owned businesses, all selling on the same site. While customers are able to enjoy browsing and shopping easily on this new platform, female founders featured on the site will also benefit from the GC4W Marketplace and gain supporters, connections, and overall business success during this stressful time.

Starting on November 1st, we promise to give you lots of fantastic reasons to shop small and support female entrepreneurs on the new GC4W Marketplace.

Below are the top 17 reasons why the GC4W Marketplace should be your new go-to platform for shopping small.

1. The GC4W Marketplace allows customers to support small businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19

Many businesses, especially those that are smaller, have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. They have lost both publicity and financial support during this time, and leaders with such wonderful businesses should be recognized for their hard work and quality products, despite these unfortunate circumstances. The GC4W Marketplace is the perfect site to recognize and support small business who have been hit hard by the pandemic and is sure to leave both the customer and entrepreneur satisfied.

2. The GC4W Marketplace sells a wide variety of products

You can find a wide variety of products on the marketplace, ranging from home decor, to fashion, to accessories, and more! With so many different items to browse and an abundance of entrepreneurs to support, the GC4W Marketplace is the perfect shopping site for all!

GC4W Founder and CEO Dr. Lilian Ajayi Ore is pictured holding the CATE BROWN GOLD FINGER DESIGNER THROW PILLOW

3. Customers can learn more about inspirational female entrepreneurs on the GC4W Marketplace

By clicking each entrepreneur feature on the marketplace, you can read more about each seller on the website, their inspiring stories, and their views on shopping small. It is always fantastic when you can learn more about others while shopping for wonderful products!

4. All products are specifically curated and well-made

All products on the GC4W Marketplace have been carefully chosen and we can assure you that they are all the highest of quality and extremely well made. Designed flawlessly by talented female founders, these products are sure to impress.

5. Holiday shopping is made easy with the GC4W Marketplace

The holidays are just around the corner! Due to the ongoing pandemic, supporting small businesses by holiday shopping can be difficult. However, the GC4W Marketplace provides an opportunity to shop for gifts effortlessly and with enjoyment. With so many products to choose from, customers are sure to find many wonderful gifts for friends and family this holiday season!

6. Support for women in entrepreneurship is essential

Female business-owners benefit the economy and community in so many ways. Women-owned businesses increase economic stability for families and communities by creating jobs, growing financially, and giving back. They truly are so essential to the success of society and customers can support many women-owned businesses by using the GC4W Marketplace.

7. Easy to access customer service at all times

Customer service support is available 24 hours on the GC4W Marketplace, allowing customers to shop more efficiently and have more of a personalized experience. If you have any questions at all, please send all your inquiries to our eCommerce Manager at

8. The GC4W Marketplace is organized and easy to navigate

With the site being so new, an enormous amount of effort has been put into making sure the layout of the site is easy to use. This way, customers will not face difficulties in finding the items that they are looking for and will have a more pleasant shopping experience.

9. Learn about women-owned businesses around the world

It is rare to have the opportunity to learn more about and shop at small businesses outside of your own community. The GC4W Marketplace allows small businesses all over the globe to share their products with millions of people throughout the rest of the world, which is an extremely unique and beautiful aspect of this new site.

10. Customers can create many different looks with featured products

Products on the GC4W Marketplace have been specifically chosen to be featured on the site due to the fact that many products can be bought together for a cute, stylish look. Whether you are going for more of an elegant outfit or a more casual one, the marketplace will allow you to buy pieces from a variety of brands that will complement each other well.

GC4W Ambassador Quin Tana models multiple products sold on the GC4W Marketplace

11. The list of vendors will continue to grow

Following the launch of the GC4W Marketplace, we anticipate many more incredible women-owned businesses joining the site as sellers. By shopping with us, customers can check back regularly to see which sellers have been added and to browse new products!

12. Receive daily GC4W Marketplace updates

By signing up for the GC4W Marketplace email list, customers can receive daily updates about new vendors, products, and news about our e-commerce site. With more communication between the marketplace and the customer, those who shop with us will be able to connect with on a more personal and informed level.

13. View gorgeous images of the products for a better shopping experience

Images of the incredible, high-quality products are featured all over the site for customers to view. By looking at a wide variety of well-taken photos and images of women displaying the items, customers can get a better understanding of products and an overall improved shopping experience.

14. Create an account for easy repeated shopping

The GC4W Marketplace gives customers the ability to create shopping accounts. These accounts are extremely useful and will allow everybody to make effortless purchases by saving their information for an easier experience in the future.

15. Gift Cards are available

If you are having a difficult time determining what gift would be best for your friend or family member, the GC4W Marketplace offers gift cards! The gift of being able to shop from the high-quality, beautiful items of many small businesses is unbeatable!

16. Supporting small businesses will boost your confidence and happiness

Supporting the success and growth of others who are vulnerable during this time is extremely kind and will boost your positivity greatly. By buying and using items from these small businesses, please know that you will be helping other incredible women greatly; you should be very proud to show off your worthwhile purchases from the GC4W Marketplace that have helped so many.

17. You can save money on fantastic items!

Get extra savings with each purchase and free shipping with purchase over $50 until 11/17 at 11:59 pm EST.