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Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world is the UN Women’s theme for this year’s international women’s day celebration. To celebrate the milestones of women in leadership on international women’s day, GC4W honors Stacy London, Kara Goldin, Senator Pat Spearman, Renu Hooda, Chelsea Miller, Fran Hauser, and April Franzino as GC4W Female Icons in Business and Social Leadership. Read more and RSPV here.

2. How to Make the Most of a Virtual Job Fair

Navigating a virtual job fair may be new territory for a lot of students. Although it looks different from a regular job fair, there are just as many opportunities to take hold of. To make the most out of your experience, it’s important to be prepared to speak to employers and show your best self. Additionally, many of these events have video and audio capabilities, and you’ll want to look polished and professional when meeting with employers. Read more here.

3. The NBA’s First ‘Ball Girl’ is Changing Basketball

Proctor, a Black woman with locs and a nose ring, doesn’t fit the old boys’ club bill. But as executive vice president and chief marketing officer for the Atlanta Hawks, she’s a powerful force in the NBA and one of the highest ranking women in big-league sports. The Miami native grew up in an immigrant household not watching American sports, but her cousin introduced her to basketball by way of the Miami Heat. Around that time, Proctor asked her mother if she could get a part-time job; her mother responded that she could get a job only if it were something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. “At 15, I thought about it, and I realized that every time I was watching games on TV, I never saw women,” she said. “I didn’t see women on the sidelines, and so I said that I wanted to become the first female coach in the NBA.” She was determined to make her way in the NBA, starting with becoming the league’s first ball girl.  Read more here.

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4. How to Turn Your Passion into Action and Expand Your Brand

You might have read an article in the news or might be going through a personal experience that has inspired you to do something, but you don’t know where to start. Strategist Shatonna Nelson is the founder of The Finest Hour PR Firm in Texas. She has a long list of clients, from national leaders in the entertainment and hospitality industries to politics and real estate development. Her work enables her to help people all over the world make positive changes in their own lives, in their communities and beyond. But, turning someone’s passion into action is personal for Nelson. Nelson says she has turned her pain into purpose in an effort to help others. She has been recognized for her national contributions, which include a day being named after her by the Mayor of Houston and receiving the Yellow Rose of Texas. Nelson sat down with Jessica Abo and shared her tips for anyone looking to turn their passion into action. Read more here.

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