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1. Meet the 8 Women Leaders of Ivy League Journalism

For the first time, women hold the highest editorial positions at all eight Ivy League papers.

The path to leadership, and the development of a love for journalism, began well before these women arrived on their respective college campuses. Hadriana Lowenkron and Sarah Braka, editors-in-chief of The Daily Pennsylvanian and the Columbia Daily Spectator, respectively, actually began this journey together. Read more here.

2. Women of Burkina Faso Fix Stereotypes by Repairing Cars

Being a young woman in an African Muslim country usually means staying at home and raising children.

But in the hot and dusty outskirts of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, girls and women from often disadvantaged backgrounds are being trained to become something quite different: car mechanics.

At the CFIAM centre, students are laying the groundwork for their futures in professions ranging from mechanics to electronics, while also daring to shake up the country’s entrenched traditions.

Working on cars has, until now, been considered exclusively suitable for men in Burkina Faso. But this is also a country with high levels of youth unemployment, particularly among young women, and where a surge of extremist Islamic beliefs and terrorism has put the brakes on much significant positive change. So, the classes help the women to point, with greasy hands, towards the chance of a career – a shot at independence and security for them and their families. Read more here.

3. 10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

When contemplating confidence, there are many areas to think of: The root of it, the implementation of it, and the strengthening and maintaining of it. But spending time to think about how confidence works in your own life will help you on your journey to having full trust and bold reliance in yourself, your partners, your life.

Perhaps it begins when we are very small: A parent celebrates a sculpture made out of Play-Doh or claps when a toddler points correctly to their nose after being asked, “Where is your nose?” We start to feel the rush of accomplishment. We start to discover and believe in ourselves, our potential, our talents. This root stays with us throughout our life experience. Read more here.

4. How Keke Palmer Brings Her Authentic Self To Work

In her Williamsburg apartment, Keke Palmer finally has a moment to catch her breath. It’s the first time in a while that the actress, producer, host, singer and Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree hasn’t been on the road, but she’ll be back on the move soon. Not only is Palmer attached to a new Jordan Peele movie and slated to star in a new scripted comedy podcast for Audible, but she recently signed a production deal with Entertainment One. She’s also trying her hand at something completely new: “I just started stunt training the other day. So baby, get ready for me to be the next Mila Jovovich.”

And yet, Palmer spent her moment of time off speaking to Forbes as part of the Ask The Expert Instagram Live series, sharing how she brings her best, most authentic self to work. Read more here.