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1. Ace Your Next Job Application with These Do’s & Don’ts

If there was ever a year to start reaching for your goals like never before, it’s 2021. With 2020 in the past, it’s time to act on all the plans you’ve been making for the future and start living your best life! For many people, securing that career-boosting job is the first step to doing so. Although the job hunt can be super intimidating and can lead to a lot of frustration, have no fear! Here is a list of three do’s and don’ts for your upcoming job hunt so you can go after your goals with the boss-babe mindset you were always meant to have — and with all the confidence that comes with it. Read more here.

2. 5 Tips For Working Moms From CEOs Who Are Mothers

It’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has put a wrench in our daily routines and lives. While most of us have had to make the transition to remote work at some point during the pandemic, working moms know more than anyone else how difficult maintaining healthy and productive habits can be. From scheduling meetings between children’s nap times to find the best place in the house to work from without disruption, working moms have had to figure this out and more, all while successfully managing a household with or without their partners.

To help, here are some of the best tips from professional working moms who have found their grooves that may be able to help you as well (no need to be a CEO!). 

3. 10 Behaviors Found in the Inspired Woman

You cannot mistake an inspired woman. Right away there is something enchanting about her. But what exactly is it? Why is it so hard to put your finger on what makes her so?

Here’s the thing: many of us are raised to believe that women are ethereal, dainty, delicate, gone at the poof of a strong wind. All of these images fall in line with the historically inspired woman. We immediately conjure images of a woman with long, flowy hair, beautiful bosoms, eyes closed in meditation while breastfeeding an almost-asleep, happy babe.

However, the image of an inspired woman is far more complex, developed, real, and tangible. Read more here.

4. Graduation Party Ideas During Pandemic in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic brings a whole different flavor to celebratory milestones such as graduation and the ever-important graduation party. Still, this important rite of passage in a graduate’s life still deserves recognition. Consider these Covid-19 graduation party ideas for fun and creative approaches to celebrate the next chapter in life. Read more here.