How Mindfulness Will Change Your Life

By Nicole Stillings, GC4W Thought Leadership Contributor

The #1 most important benefit of mindfulness that most people aren’t fully aware of is that it connects YOU to YOU. It is the best process for unraveling the intricacies of who your inner being has evolved into and closing the gap between that person and the person you are operating as in the physical world; it brings your physical body and your energetic body closer to one unified being – it is spiritual alignment.

Looking Inside for Solutions

There is Spirit, God, and Universal Consciousness in all of us, and we all have access through different forms of mindfulness. When we can quiet the mind to receive messages, we can cultivate deep clarity, incredible wisdom, intense inner healing and more. Women in our society are taught to look externally for solutions, but the issue with this is that we create our lives internally. So this sends people down a rabbit hole of trying to find something that doesn’t exist.

Showing Up for Self-Love

Almost every woman I’ve ever coached states self-love as their primary or secondary intention for taking my mindset and manifestation course, Queens of Creation, and it’s always the same answer: spending time with yourself gives you clarity and that clarity creates a deeper self knowing, which eventually breeds self-love and unshakeable confidence. But it’s not enough to just dig for the answers; we also must build a practice to reaffirm the woman or person whom we wish to show up in the world as. As humans, we’re all very easily distracted, and social media and technology are designed to vie for our attention unless we are mindful of it. We all get so busy on a day-to-day basis that we forget to focus on our alignment unless it’s built into our lifestyles. I teach women how to incorporate habits into their lives that increase their daily mindfulness and alignment so that they can show up in the world as the women they aspire to be and not who they’ve been programmed as.

Boosting Self Awareness

Every single person on this planet contributes to the energy of the world. There is an abundance of positive energy and an abundance of negative energy. Mindfulness allows you to raise your vibration and be aware of what side you are contributing to. Our thoughts create our emotions, which then mold our energy, which directly affects the outcomes that manifest in our lives. But many people are sleep walking and living in a victim mindset, not taking responsibility for the things showing up in their lives.

True mindfulness is not checking it off your to-do list after 5 minutes in the morning; it’s sitting with yourself until you either understand what’s afflicting your energy or you raise your vibration. It’s not performative, it’s deep. Stay tuned for more mindfulness techniques!

About our thought-leadership contributor, Nicole “Rose” Stillings

Nicole Stillings is originally from the Midwest. Nicole Rosé moved to Manhattan with a dream and became a world class DJ, podcaster, mindset coach & TV personality on HBO Max’s The Big Shot with Bethenny.  Nicole’s mission is to use her entrepreneurial experience in building a six figure business to empower the next generation of badass women by optimizing their mindsets & morning routines with the Queens of Creation mentorship & the Big Queen Energy podcast.

Nicole is an investor in & advisor to female founded companies including Out East Rosé, Cleo Capital & more.  Named a “powerful woman” by Marie Claire, Nicole has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, WWD, Business Insider, Fast Company, Cheddar TV & Bravo TV’s Summer House. Nicole is also a board member of UNICEF NextGen & Vice Chair of their annual Next Up! Concert, as she believes children are the way to a more positive world.

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