“The path to success for women, lies squarely in their ability to take the road less travelled and to take risks along that journey.”

Wendy Luhabe is a former high powered corporate worker turned entrepreneur. Luhabe’s main focus is empowering women in Africa to become businesswomen and forge their own paths. She is currently the chancellor of the University of Johannesburg and has been featured on a myriad of lists of female innovators and entrepreneurs.

Nationality: South African

Industry: Economics

Q: “What advice do you have for other women aspiring to your level of success?” Top Business Women

A: “Women are more capable than they allow themselves to believe. We should invest in developing our ability to take risks, to travel the road less travelled, to become game changers and to make sure that when given an opportunity to do anything, we use it as a stepping stone for greater prospects for ourselves and other women. We have a shared responsibility to build a critical mass of women in all industries and at all levels. That can only be achieved if we create opportunities for women, if we mentor women and if we challenge women to create the circumstances they need to succeed and to rise to the occasions that are available for them. Selling ourselves short does not serve the world.”