“Women will only have true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.”

Late Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a current Supreme Court Justice, after being appointed by Bill Clinton in August of 1993. She is one of four female justices in history who have been appointed to partake in the court. She has spent much of her time in her legal field career fighting for women equality, being a founder of the Women’s Rights Law Reporter in 1970, which at the time was the first journal in law that focused solely on women equality. Ginsburg has taken action with many cases discussing women rights, equality, wages, and more and has fought strongly to help change the treatment of women in the workforce. It is with her efforts and accomplishments, that young girls and women of all ages look up to the justice as her public support for women has been documented throughout her 27 years of sitting on the court.

Nationality: American

Industry: Government

Q: Does Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the 86-year-old feminist icon, have any regrets about her professional life? NPR

A: “I do think that I was born under a very bright star,” Ginsburg said, recounting her life and the obstacles that faced her. Ginsburg added: “I’ll tell you what Justice [Sandra Day] O’Connor once said to me. She said, ‘Suppose we had come of age at a time when women lawyers were welcome at the bar. You know what? Today, we would be retired partners from some large law firm, but because that route was not open to us, we had to find another way, and we both end up in the United States Supreme Court.’ “