“I think I’ve made the sight of a woman in a position of authority not so odd. I feel an interest in young girls in baseball, I feel an interest in college-age women interested in going into sports in the near future. I think I’ve made it not as different, not as out of the ordinary and in some ways more acceptable.”

Kim Ng is a current American executive of Major League Baseball. In her high school years she was a member of both the tennis and softball team, competing regularly with her school. She gained interest in pursuing a career in sports because of being an active athlete during her school years. After graduating from the University of Chicago, Ng began to work as an intern for the Chicago White Sox. In 1997 she managed the transactions of the American League and in 2005 she also served as an assistant general manager for the Dodgers and left the Dodgers in 2011 to fulfill her current position. Ng provides certainty that women are highly capable of transforming the sports industry that is currently male dominated.

Nationality: American

Industry: Sports

Q. How do you feel about being the first female general manager?

A. “There was a 10,000-lb. weight lifted off of this shoulder. And then after about half an hour later, I realized that it had just been transferred to [my other] shoulder.” She acknowledges that the burden isn’t fair. “But it doesn’t matter,” she tells TIME. “That’s just the way it is. In baseball, we talk about working off the ideal. But you don’t always get that. So you just have to keep rolling.”