“Economists are looking at our data to see what’s driving the labor market and what the trends are. As we think about a growth culture, we need to think about how we find the right talent to nurture that growth mindset. We believe that, to have a great customer base and customer experience, you have to start with a great employee base and employee experience.”

Carmen Bryant is a cultural ambassador who is passionate about democratizing access and opportunity for all people. She has partnered with organizations such as WNorth and Luminary to create fellowships to get women, and particularly women of color, back into the workforce. She has also been a key voice on the importance of workplace well-being throughout the pandemic. Carmen is an internationally renowned storyteller and has excelled in creating connections between companies and the people they serve. Carmen most recently served as Director of US Marketing at Indeed where she developed and executed the integrated marketing plan and go-to-market strategies in the US. She also directed global programs, overseeing the Indeed executive briefing centers in Austin and Dublin. In her role at Indeed, she was recognized multiple times as an exemplary cross-functional leader and collaborator.  Prior to Indeed, she held other strategic leadership positions at top-tier companies including NBCUniversal, Time Inc., and L’oreal USA.

Nationality: American

Industry: Marketing

Q: How do we engage this modern labor market? Argyle

A: “1. Recognize and leverage disruptors. 2. Adapt to changing technology. 3. Rethink your talent pool—search for skills and adaptability not job descriptions. 4. Engage the labor market—think in terms of work-life integration rather than work-life balance.”

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