“I learned to dream with no limits, there is no box, there are no rules…”

The Emmy-nominated Chloe Arnold is know as one of the top female tap dancers in the world, but, in reality, she does so much more. Through her master classes and social media accounts she promotes her own foundation, The Chloe and Maud Foundation, and her #TapIntoEquality and #TapIntoUnity campaigns. As a child who grew up dancing her whole life on scholarship, and attended Columbia University on scholarship, she is extremely generous with giving out scholarships to all of her classes as well as her own tap festival (DC Tap Fest), which has grown into largest tap festival in the world. In all her work Chloe’s positive can-do disposition shines through. This has opened many doors for her such as choreographing for Beyonce and The Late Night Show with James Corden, being interviewed on Ellen, and dancing live on Good Morning America. Arnold is the leader of her own female tap company, The Syncopated Ladies, who have garnered over 50 Million views on Youtube alone. She has also co-produced a documentary entitled Tap World. Arnold successfully broke into the male-dominated tap industry and uses her notoriety to promote unity, equality, love, and positivity.

Nationality: American

Industry: Dance and Entertainment

Q: What is the best lesson that you have learned as an entrepreneur? Alexis Rai

A: The best lesson that I have learned would have to be “don’t wait for permission”. Don’t wait for permission to do what it is that you imagine. The whole reason that people are entrepreneurs is that they are people that think outside of the box. Something that they imagine either doesn’t exist or doesn’t exist the way that they have imagined. I think that a lot of times, fear can get the best of people and it’s what stops people from pushing in to being entrepreneurs. Number one, surpass the risks and don’t wait for someone to give you permission or a green light to do it. Number two, stay the course. Don’t give up when it’s not happening at the speed in which you imagined because this is a journey that has infinite possibilities so you must have the belief that you will surpass the obstacles and start getting past the fear, change what you believe and then go forward and don’t give up no matter how many years it takes.