“A practiced thought becomes a a belief, and before we know it, a belief is dictating our choices.”

As a Cornell trained psychologist, Dr. Nicole LePera was taught to think for herself. She began to research and this led her to discovering a deep mind-body connection in regard to psychology. She writes on gut health, ancestral nutrition, self awareness, self-accountability, and boundaries. She also stresses the importance of self-healing and promotes her work through her Instagram (@The.Holistic.Psychologist). Dr. LePera has also started a community of self-healers and is well regarded due to her authentic nature. She has grown her Instagram to over 5 Million in four years and continues to put out content to help people grow spiritually and psychologically.

Nationality: American

Industry: Health and Wellness

Q: So how do people get unstuck? Lewis Howes

A: First, I think consciousness. We have to become conscious to our self because we are in autopilot 95% of the day if we’re not conscious and that’s gonna be like the program, the computer analogy is I think the one we all understand the most, that’s gonna be the program that we’re running day after day after day, so without consciousness there is no change.

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