“Nowadays you’re only limited by your dreams, we think big and dream big.”

Huda Kattan is most known for starting the widely popular makeup brand, Huda Beauty. Huda Beauty first became known for their popular false eyelashes which were favored by Kim Kardashian. Eventually, she expanded her line and Huda Beauty is now a household name and billion dollar company.

Nationality: Iraqi-American

Industry: Beauty

Q: “What is the biggest lesson you have learned in your career?” USA Today

A: “Not to be confined by your own limitations. That is the biggest hurdle holding people back – that they are confined by their own limitations, and that they are only as big as they think they are, and that they are only able to do as much as they think they can. I’ve always said that to myself, and I break down those barriers, but really, really understanding that has been really transformational to the business. I really focus on bringing the right people together and making sure that everyone feels that way, and we have a really wonderful team of people who really believe that and who make those impossible things happen. We’ve had incredible growth, and you don’t achieve that kind of growth unless everybody believes that. You can’t do that on your own. You need a team who really, truly believes that the impossible is possible, and will do everything in their power to make those things happen. That’s what we’ve been very fortunate to have at Huda Beauty, and I think we reiterate that all the time with the team.”

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