“Diversity is definitely something that we strive for, and also those are the girls that would wear the clothes. We try to include a range of people, because I think that’s important.”

Kim Shui is relatively new in the fashion scene, but is making a splash and even made Forbes’ Under 30 Fashion Designers to Watch list. Though she was born in the US to Asian parents and grew up in Rome, Italy, Shui is true to her roots and puts an Asian flare on many of her designs. She is the recipient of numerous awards such as the Media Award at China fashion week and the Samsung Galaxy award, where she designed a wearable phone case with Samsung.

Nationality: American

Industry: Fashion

Q: “As a Forbes 30 Under 30 alum, what would be your advice to emerging and Gen-Z designers?” Hype Bae

A: “The most important thing for me was to try different things and see what works. When I started, I was pretty naive and had no idea what I was in for. As I mentioned, we started with outerwear, but there wasn’t really a market for it nor did I know how to price it. After exploring and testing a few different options, I found that girls really loved dresses and sets. I think experimenting and testing a variety of things that are still true to you is the best path to finding your niche and creating something of value that people like.”