Take the cliff jump you need to create what seems unimaginable.”

Brandice Daniel is the founder and CEO of Harlem Fashion Row, which she started in 2007 to provide a platform for multicultural designers. With her goal being to level the playing field for designers of color, Brandice has created opportunites for many up and coming designers and partnered with Lebron James to create his first ever signature women shoe design.

Nationality: American

Industry: Fashion

Q: Tell us about the why behind what you do?

A: My why is designers of color — and really putting things in place that allow them equal opportunity in the fashion industry. Whether that’s a partnership with brands or getting sold in department stores or being written up in the press or being able to build like a real business right around what they love. I am here to really serve them and to, hopefully, be a solution — not just for them but even for designers who haven’t even been born yet who want to work in fashion.