NWAA to Host Conference for Veteran Women

By Jordan Dafnis

The National Women In Agriculture Association is headquartered on 16th and Martin Luther King Avenue in Oklahoma City and has chapters all over the country and in other countries as well.
Leaders tell News 9 they are now the largest black agricultural organization in the world.

“It is my responsibility and purpose in life, I know now, to make sure every child I come in contact with or our organization across the world, make sure they understand that that’s the industry you need to focus on to have a sustainable career. We are missing the mark, especially with minority children,” said Tammy Gray-Steele, founder of the National Women In Agriculture Association.

The NWIAA’s mission is to empower socially disadvantaged women in rural and urban America. We seek to gain available local and federal resources, utilizing the bonds that emerge from the sisterhood.

They also want to educate, develop and provide networking opportunities for all women of all races. They want to provide vital agriculture opportunities for rural and urban communities.

They also aim to move women in agriculture toward a sustainable environment for the future.

The NWIAA is holding an event for women veterans in Oklahoma City. This conference will be held on July 6th and 7th at their headquarters in the metro.

The first day will be at the OCU business school and they will have breakout classes.

Agricultural and veteran leaders will be teaching all about the different resources available and helping these women develop agricultural operations.

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This is for anyone who has an interest in farming and gardening, no matter how small or large scale they want to take it.


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