How to Deal with Stress Amid Changing Workloads

By Karren Brady

Q) I enjoy my job, but I find it quite stressful, especially when we are busy – the workload tends to run in peaks and troughs, so sometimes we don’t have much to do and sometimes we have too much!

In my annual review, the feedback my manager gave me was generally positive, but they also told me that I should work on my resilience.

I’m keen to progress in my job, but I’m not exactly sure what my boss meant by this and how I might go about improving resilience when it comes to work. Can you help?

A) All jobs can be stressful, and it’s important to learn ways of how best to manage those stress levels during more difficult times.

It’s great that you enjoy your job, and you appear to have a good relationship with your manager, along with receiving a positive review, so you are clearly well thought of.

In annual reviews, as with job interviews, it should always be a two-way conversation. As much as it is an opportunity for your boss to tell you what you are doing well and where there are development opportunities, it’s also a chance for you to ask for direction with the things you know you need support with, and the areas they feel you need to work on.

Your manager should be able to give you examples of where and how you could have handled certain situations better and how you could have bounced back more quickly and improved your resilience.

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