Happy Universal Health Coverage Day.

Celebrate Universal Health Care Coverage Day

Join Global Connections for Women foundation (GC4W) as we celebrate Universal Health Care Coverage Day on December 12th, 2014. The United Nations named 12.12 the Universal Health Care Coverage Day after the official endorsement on December 12, 2012. The idea of universal health care for all – especially in a desperate countries, is one believed to be attainable and one that the United Nations is working arduously to bring to fruition. Celebrating an important movement during the holidays – is one that the United Nations hope the mobilization of people around the world will ignite the conversation and ensure the success of this goal.

Through 12 imperative steps, people around the globe can use the Action Tool Kit to create awareness and increase actions to further motivate nations to take the necessary steps to ensure every individual can access health care. Its initial step is to dissolve the many false arguments against why such a goal is unachievable – and  contrary to such arguments, many believe that the universal healthcare proves to be more beneficial than it is believed to be.

Among the amazingly positive statistics showcased, some of the greater feats of universal health care include the financial profit and, disease prevention and containment. “A dollar spent on health today can yield benefits worth 20 times more over the next 20 years.” In addition, “when everyone has access to basic health services we can prevent and treat deadly diseases and save lives.”

“Because health is a right, not a privilege” please get involved and spread the word on the United Nation’s Universal Health Coverage by visiting this webpage or follow using hashtag HealthforAll,