FiveforFive GC4W for Disabled Girls Campaign

Help Us Build A School for the Disabled Girls in Karamajiji, Abuja. As part of the GC4W Community Development & Empowerment Fund, this specific program is designed to support the Karamajiji New School Development Project for disabled girls. The Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W) are committed to building new classrooms, providing a school bus, tables and chairs, school supplies, and clean water supply – to further ensure the success of these girls. Donate Today!

The village of Karamajiji is located within the city limits of Abuja, Nigeria and is home to a growing population of disabled people. At present, residents of this handicapped community construct shacks in which to live and rely on begging and/or trade for provision of their daily needs. Due to the physical limitations of its inhabitants among a host of other factors, Karamajiji currently offers no facility or structure for the education of its children. This New School Development Project is intended to change that fact, and in doing so, fundamentally alter the life course of the innocent children who call Karamajiji home.

“Last year, I visited the City of Karamajiji, Abuja (Nigeria) – a home to a growing population of disabled people – to present school supplies for the disabled girls in that community. I realized during my visit that the girls needed more than just school supplies – they needed a new school, uniforms, tables and chairs, school bus, and water supply. GC4W made a promise to the community to provide them with what they need – and we cannot do it without your support. Join us today to bring about real change in the lives of the disabled girls of Karamajiji by making a charitable contribution today. ” Lilian O. Ajayi, Founder & Executive Director of Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W)

Join us in making a real difference in the lives of the disable school girls in Karamajiji, we are counting on your support to meet this goal, pledge your support by making a Donation today — and give them the access to education so they can live their best life stories.

3 Ways to give:

1. Get 5 Friends to Donate $5 to the GC4W Give Forward Campaign on

2. Donate directly to the #GC4W4Girls Campaign on

3. Attend the upcoming GC4W Happy Hour Fundraiser rsvp on

Donors will also be invited to participate in the groundbreaking event in Nigeria.

Thank you for your generosity.