“The garments of the future will be made from the kinds of materials that harvest energy from the sun and wind, and can collect data from your body – the steps you take, the moves you make – and adjust your body temperature when you start to feel cold or warm.” ~ Miroslava Duma, Founder of Fashion Tech Lab

Summary: The online world knows Miroslava Duma as a socialite and a Russian street style icon, but not so many know about her as a successful business entrepreneur and philanthropist. Being a mother of two, she is on a mission to ensure her country earns a place at the forefront of fashion, media, and technology expanding her digital media empire Buro 24/7 to 11 markets across four continents. In 2017, Duma announced the launch of Fashion Tech Lab, a “hybrid that combines an investment company, a multinational accelerator, and an experimental laboratory,” specializing in the development of smart textiles, wearable, and nanotechnologies.

Nationality: Russian

Industry: Digital Media & Fashion

Q: So, from playing dress-up to becoming a fashion editor…how did you make that leap? on refinery29.com

A: At that time, very few people in Russia took risks in dressing like the western world, and this was looked at as some sort of a taboo. My different way of dressing caught the attention of Russian media while I was promoting my charitable organization, Planeta Mira (Planet in Peace) and organizing fundraisers. I was approached by some publications to get involved in a journalistic capacity.