The Global Connections for Women (GC4W) will host the inaugural GC4W Office Hours on Facebook Live on Thursday, September 5th, at 2 pm EST to discuss the GC4W Advanced Program for Entrepreneurs and 90 Day Entrepreneurship Challenge. The GC4W Hours will take place on our Facebook page via

The GC4W Advanced Program for Entrepreneurs is a six months online program that is designed to train, coach and transform entrepreneurs who are looking for additional support with revolutionizing their business practices and customer acquisition strategy. The 90 Day Entrepreneurship Challenge is an opportunity to have an open conversation on goal settings and ways to handle business challenges, to respond to pressing questions from entrepreneurs, and gather tips from an optimal performance coach on how to finish the year strong. 

GC4W Advanced Program for Leaders and entrepreneurs.

The special guests of the inaugural GC4W Office Hours on Facebook Live include Lilian Ajayi Ore, Founder, and CEO, Global Connections for Women Foundation, and an Optimal Performance Coach, Jonathan “JC” Carvajal, Founder and CEO, the Optimal Performance Group. Both founders will be answering your questions and responding to your experiences live. To receive business training and feedback on your entrepreneurial concerns, join the discussion on the GC4W Facebook page next Thursday at 2 pm EST.

There is so much within us that we haven’t yet learned to access and develop, that if we did, we could accomplish our clear 3-5 year goal in the next 90 days! Are you ready?

– JC, Founder & CEO, Optimal Performance Coach

All future GC4W Office Hours will feature other guest speakers, new advice, and knowledge to overcome business obstacles and prepare you for transformational business success. If the upcoming discussion interests you, you might also be interested in applying to the GC4W Advanced Program for Entrepreneurs, where you will receive extensive training, coaching, and advice to guide you as an entrepreneur or business leader that will set you on the road to more growth and success in your business.

We look forward to our LIVE conversation with you on Facebook Live next Thursday at 2 pm EST.  Be sure to follow on Facebook to participate in the LIVE conversation. If you have any questions you would like to share with us, please email your questions to