The reasons why many people turn to mindful meditation are somewhat universal.

People want a safe and effective way to reduce stress, relieve pain and promote a better overall health.

But amidst the world of health benefits that researchers directly link to mindful meditation, there are a number related, specifically, to women.

Thanks to several studies on how meditation affects the female gender, researchers have released a wealth of new information. 

This information traces these health benefits from the teenage years to middle-age, and the many years afterward.

1. Mindful Meditation Can Alleviate Painful Cramps

A surprisingly large percentage of women have painful menstrual cramps for at least one day during their monthly cycle.

Regularly practicing mindful meditation can help alleviate these routine and regular pains.

Cramps can often increase anxiety and stress. These symptoms make the pain more exacerbated, creating a perpetual cycle of discomfort.

By reducing the stress that’s connected with the increase in pain, and increasing the body’s level of endorphins, the overall effect of mindful meditation can be both soothing and wonderfully long-term.

2.Mindful Meditation Offer a World of Pregnancy Benefits

New studies have shown that incorporating mindful meditation has a long list of positive health benefits for pregnant women and their babies.

These health benefits include a higher birth weight, reduced chances of a premature birth and fewer overall medical complications for newborns.

Also, researchers are finding pregnant women often pass the hormone DHEA on to a child in the womb.

DHEA is a super powerful hormone that increases with mindful meditation and improves the immune system, reduces stress, and benefits vision, hearing, muscles and bones.

This means that expecting mothers who meditate often share the benefits with their baby long before they arrive.

3. Mindful Meditation Helps Balance Hormone Levels During Perimenopause

More than half of all women, experience unpleasant physical side effects or mood swings years before they reach menopause. This stage is called perimenopause, and it can occur between the ages 45-55.

However, studies have shown that women who engage in mindful meditation are much less likely to report noticeable or drastic symptoms from perimenopause.

These symptoms include irritability, insomnia, fatigue, depression, mood swings and memory lapses.

4. Mindful Meditation Helps With Hot Flashes and Other Menopause Symptoms

As any woman who has experienced a hot flash will tell you, it’s certainly not just the heat that’s causing excessive discomfort.

It’s also the racing pulse, the increased anxiety and the accompanying symptoms that cause the problem.

But because mindful meditation reduces anxiety, women can decrease the number and overall power of menopausal symptoms through regular practice.

When tension decreases, the strength of hot flashes is noticeably reduced.

Researchers are continuing to find powerful new benefits of mindful meditation. They are turning their attention toward how it affects women, especially after noticing a dramatic range of results.

From healthy pregnancies to hot flash relief, mindful meditation is truly a remedy that can help women throughout her entire life.


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