Learn How to Boost Your Vitality and Practice Self-Care in 2022 and Beyond.

By Francesca Vuillemin, GC4W Thought-Leadership Contributor

With this time of year bringing more holiday commitments and treats, we will need to give an extra boost to our vitality as well as implement healthy boundaries while Mars, the planet of action and drive, remains in Sagittarius until the 24th of January. If there were ever a time to reach for extra supplements and making sure that healthy boundaries are in place, the time would be now! With the zodiac’s eternal optimist who is prone to excesses (yes, you, Sagittarius), you will need to be mindful of overly indulging. Working with the planetary influence will require us to prioritize listening to our body feeling run down. This feeling happens as a direct result of when our immune system is being depleted from one too many hors d’oeuvres and social commitments!

Maintain Healthy Digestion

With the temptation of holiday treats and glasses of bubbly, it is comes as no surprise that digestion issues can come up (pun intended). Maintaining a healthy digestion with prebiotics and probiotics will minimize bloating while helping the gut bacteria produce mood boosting neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. The best way to get prebiotics is by increasing your fiber intake by eating mixed lettuce. For probiotics, including a serving of fermented foods like kefir, kimchi pickles and soft cheeses will literally make you happy this season.

Support Your Body With Supplements

In addition to taking the usual vitamin cocktail of Zinc and Vitamin C (which should always be taken together for better absorption), add L-glutathione to the mix! The super antioxidant amino acid will offer tremendous support to the liver which acts as the frontline worker to your body’s immune system. A study at Kyoto university in 2013 found that 300 milligrams per day for four months showed a reduction in alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Studies also showed an improvement in insulin resistance and weight management as well as a reduction in respiratory disease symptoms.

As the days get shorter in the northern hemisphere, the diminished amount of sunlight available can often leave us feeling lethargic and prone to SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Taking liquid supplements such as B12, Vitamin D and chlorophyll combined with selenium will offer your body the cellular support for optimal energy function and help to brighten your mood!

Focus On Sleep Hygiene

Now that you have added those supplements to your diet which includes more fiber, let’s talk about sleep hygiene! In a society that runs on a 24 hour cycle of productivity, science now has proof about just how wrong we were about shaming our need to rest. In fact, sleep is such an important issue that the Harvard Medical School has created the sleep division to support clinical research, education and programs. The irony is that in order for us to build our dreams, sleep acts as that first pillar of health to repair and rebuild our wellbeing. With most of us having low levels of magnesium (known as the original chill pill) along with amino acid L- Theanine, taking some beforehand will help for the most perfect night’s sleep!

The key to making the most out of the season’s influx of festivities ahead will be to set healthy boundaries with self-care practices such as adequate sleep and vitamin supplementation. Creating these healthy habits will help sustain your energy as you ring in the New Year and many ahead.

Wishing you all a very happy & healthy holiday season!

About our thought-leadership contributor, Francesca Vuillemin.

Francesca VuilleminAstrologer, PR Executive & Brand Partnership Director + GC4W Board Chair

Francesca Vuillemin began her career as an international model before pivoting her career in public relations, sales and marketing strategies that support social impact brand partnerships while integrating practical astrology. In 2020, Francesca was appointed Board chair of GC4W where she served as fashion director and producer for the marketplace launch as well as the successful hybrid Kendra Scott event at the Soho Flagship store in October.

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