“To be a good leader, you must have empathy, you must be the best listener, and you must care fiercely about culture. To be successful personally, the most important traits are passion and perseverance, even more important than talent.”

Beatriz Acevedo is an entrepreneur and founded the Latinx-focused digital media company called Mitu. She also is a three time Emmy winning producer, has won an MTV award, and two Streamy Awards. She currently is the president of a Mexico based foundation called Fundaciόn Acevedo, which was founded by her father. She is also on the boards of Latino Donor Collaborative, Homeboy Industries, the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Committee, and the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

Nationality: Mexican-American

Industry: Digital Media

Q: As an entrepreneur, what has been your greatest challenge and reward? (Hispanic Executive)

A: “My biggest challenge has been not trusting myself more and speaking up louder when I felt things were not right. My biggest reward was finding my voice and purpose in life and opening my eyes to all the work we need to do as a community to create real change that transcends generations to come.”

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