“I am here on this planet to unite cultures, serve, love, support, shine and help others. Everyday I aim to help and change someone’s life. I have learned to dedicate my life in helping orphans, widows, single mothers and others who are going through struggles and bereavement in their lives. It’s time to bring all Nations together and achieve more.”

Professor Caroline Makaka is the Founder and President of Ladies of All Nations International (LOANI) and Creator of We Are The Change World Movement. As the founder of LOANI, an organization which focuses on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, she is dedicated to helping widows, orphans, and women in general in various sectors. LOANI has spawned other branches, such as Beautiful Survivors, helping victims of unfortunate life circumstances, and Young Inspiring Leaders, supporting and inspiring the tomorrow’s leaders. She serves as a board member and strategic chief advisor for several non-profit and social enterprise boards. Her areas of expertise encompass a wide range of skills such as Global Leadership, Executive Leadership, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Philanthropy, Non-Profit, Coaching, Youth Leadership, Charities, Non-Profit Organizations, International Project Management, Human Resources, Group and Individual Counseling, Women and Girls Empowerment, Cultural Exchange Facilitator, and Recognition Awards.

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Industry: Non-Profit Leadership

Q: What is the key to a peaceful world? FabUK Magazine

A: “Embracing diversity. Coming together of Nations around the world…every language, every tribe, every clan, every culture, every diverse and every individual community come together for a great cause.”

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