“I said, ‘Well, a scientist is someone that helps people’, and it’s funny because half of the class wanted to be super heroes but I wanted to be a scientist.” Irish Times

Nora Khaldi is the founder and current CSO of the company, Nuritas. She is a renowned mathematician while also having received her PHD in Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics. After her studies, she became heavily interested in the health of the global population, while also wanting to improve nutrient supplements and medicines for populations. Nuritas Company conducts research studies to find Bioactive Peptides that can improve the lives and nutrition of many.

Nationality: French-Algerian

Industry: Nutrition and Technology

Q: What advice would you give to science students considering a career in research? Trinity College Dublin Alumni

A: “If you like a monotonous job then science is not for you. It’s different every day and I love the variety of it. You’re inventing the future definition of things. Science projects are usually new and you can’t just Google to find an answer. It’s a tough area, and if you are not a 100% committed it’s a very competitive and hard area to develop in. However, if you are committed and good at what you do it’s a great ride.”