“Things don’t always turn out exactly the way you want them to be and you feel disappointed. You are not always going to be the winner. That’s when you have to stop and figure out why things happened the way they did and what you can do to change them”

Jennifer Lopez is an award-winning singer, actress, and entrepreneur. Her name is well known and her fame began once she starred in Selena. Ever since then Lopez has successfully starred in many movies and released eight studio albums. Her philanthropy work includes her own non-profit which she created with her sister called the Lopez Family Foundation which serves to advocate for policies and provide healthcare that would benefit underprivileged mothers, children, and family. As well as having her own charity, Lopez has been an ambassador for organizations such as UNICEF, ALAS, & the Children’s Health Fund.

Nationality: American

Industry: Entertainment

Q: Now that we are in this period of sort of increased awareness of that, do you ever have moments where you look back and you’re like, “Wow, that was sexist or racist”?(GQ)

A: “But honestly, I don’t like to harp on the negative or feel sorry for myself. You know, it, it just is what it is. There were moments in my life where it got to me more. Where it kind of took me down for a second. But it never took me down for very long. The energy was always in just getting better, doing more growing, and driving myself.”