“It’s not true, this old idea that Malcolm (McLaren) and other people used to have, that somehow when you’re young you’re full of fire and rebellion and enthusiasm, and when you get old you just become useless. No, the opposite is true. The older you get, (the more) your life becomes richer. It’s incredible.”

Vivienne Westwood is a British fashion designer and entrepreneur. She had a heavy hand in bringing punk rock and New Wave imagery into the mainstream through her clothing brand. She has also, more recently, delved into climate activism with a new line of clothing. She has successfully used her influence as a platform for many important social issues. By doing this, she has been an inspiration for many women to get involved in these issues.

Nationality: British

Industry: Fashion

Q: What is punk in 2018? When individualism, nonconformity, and rejection of government are commonplace in many countries, what makes for a modern punk?

A: I guess I’m a punk because I’m a fighter. You’re born with the character you’ve got, and I will always fight. I can’t help it.

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