“Something kind of clicked for me around finance. It just hit me that the flow of capital determines for better or worse what businesses get built, what start-ups get to grow, what housing gets built where and why and who gets to do it and in which neighborhoods.” 

Margaret Anadu is the Global Head of Sustainability and Impact for Goldman Sachs Asset Management, leading the development and oversight of the firm’s strategy for delivering commercial solutions and leading advisory services to clients related to inclusive growth and climate transition, the two core pillars of the firm’s sustainability strategy. She is also chair of the Urban Investment Group (UIG) and co-chair of the Asset Management Sustainability Council. In addition, Margaret serves on the Board of Advisors of Launch With GS, Goldman Sachs’ $1 billion investment strategy grounded in the firm’s data-driven thesis that diverse teams drive strong returns, and One Million Black Women, Goldman Sachs’ $10 billion commitment to narrow opportunity gaps for Black women over the next decade. She joined Goldman Sachs as an analyst in 2003 and was named managing director in 2013 and partner in 2018. Margaret serves on the boards of several community and economic development organizations, including the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, Center for an Urban Future, Core Innovation Capital, Low Income Investment Fund, New York Public Radio and The Africa Center.

Nationality: Nigerian

Industry: Finance

Q: So for community leaders that want to access investment in their neighborhoods, what advice would you give?  The WIE Suite

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A: “Ask. And be really clear about what you’re asking for. We feel very strongly – from an impact perspective and from a risk management perspective – that local communities, local stakeholders, local experts, are the individuals, institutions, and organizations best positioned to identify their challenges. More importantly, they are better suited to craft, develop and create solutions.”

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