“We must find ways to end the epidemic of loneliness. We need to cultivate a connection mindset by helping others meet their needs for social activity and human engagements.”

Renu Hooda is the Chief Talent Officer at Kinesso, an IPG company. With nearly fifteen years in the IPG network, her skills and passions focus on creating high-performing teams. After starting her career as an actuary at Watson Wyatt, she found her way to IPG corporate, then IPG Media brands, and now Kinesso—leading its worldwide human resource’s function. From managing the talent lifecycle and employee experience to succession planning and diversity and inclusion initiatives, she is creating all the right leadership impacts by leveraging organization strength to drive performance. She has been instrumental in transforming the business, overseeing all its major HR activities, and instilling in its people a solutions-focused mindset.

Nationality: Indian

Industry: Business and Human Resources

Q: What’s something that has recently brought you joy in the world? AllVoices

A: “The one thing that really brings me joy is my two kids. I have a six-year-old, her name is Arya, and a three-year-old, named Zoe, and their personalities are so different and [it brings me joy] just watching them grow.”

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