“To be a philanthropist, you don’t have to be Nelson Mandela. You just have to look around you and ask, ‘What little bit can I do? Whose life can I touch?’”

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is an actress, film producer, and winner of the Miss World 2000 Pageant. She has found success in both the Indian film industry and American film industry, leading her to establish her own production company, Purple Pebble Pictures. Outside of film, she has been an international advocate for feminism and has worked with UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador for children’s rights. Chopra Jonas has also expanded her philanthropic efforts through her foundation, “The Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education”, which helps underprivileged children in India.

Nationality: Indian

Industry: Film & Philanthropy

Q: What are you hoping that people will learn from you?Forbes

A: “I would love for people to take away that it is alright to be a fierce female achiever and yet be okay with being vulnerable. And being okay with being female. Because that is where our strength comes in, the softness that we bring to the table, but at the same time the tenacity we do, is the strength of female leaders. Our femininity is our greatest strength.”