“I have been a serial migrant throughout my life, recreating myself and continuously evolving and expanding to embrace new environments. My passion and purpose are to transfer the knowledge and wisdom I acquired throughout my journey to serve the growth and evolution of others.”

Viola Edward is a multi-awarded personal and corporate advisor and mentor. A transcultural psychotherapist, breathwork mentoring trainer, and social entrepreneur, Edward works internationally with individual and corporate clients in cross-pollination self-development, management and leadership. Edward has been a pioneer of Wellness and Mental Health Fitness in the workplace since 1993, and she is the CEO and co-owner of GRIT Academy, partner and ED of Creative Women Platform, and co-creator of BQ- Breath Intelligence and GRIT Breathwork Method. Edward is the author of two books, “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” and the amazon Best Seller “Who Makes the Bed?,” as well as the co-author of thirteen more. She serves as board member, international connector and ambassador for Human Rights and Gender Equity.

Nationality: Cypriot

Industry: Wellbeing and Mental Health

Q: What is your motto? Viola Edward

A: “Together is Better.”

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