“Know that your voice matters and don’t stop once you get momentum.”

Edna Chavez is an student activist and advocate. She is a well known advocate against gun violence. Her speech for March For Our Lives placed her in the spotlight. She has organized student voter registration, “Know Your Rights” workshops, and assisting fellow students hone their leadership skills. She focuses on continuing to motivate students to fight for the change they want to see in their communities by letting their voices be heard so the legislation can change.

Nationality: American

Industry: Activism

Q: Where does your courage and inspiration come from? (Malala Fund)

A: “My mother and my sister. They are both strong, independent women. My mom being formally undocumented and being a single mother, then my sister having to take the role of being a mother at the age of 13. It was always very hard. Both of them as mother and sister had to play the role of mother and father for me.”

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