“I’m on a journey to love me for me. If people love it, that’s awesome, and if people don’t, that’s not my problem.”

Jazzmyne Jay Robins is a Buzzfeed video producer and reporter who is known for her blunt attitude and body-positive message. As someone who struggled with weight her whole life she finally embraced her shape and became a plus-size influencer and model. All of her work and videos have an element of levity and she encourages her followers to love themselves and each other.

Nationality: American

Industry: Media

Q: “Do you feel pressure now that you’ve built this huge platform to stay so confident? How do you deal with being the face of a movement?” GoMag

A: “Luckily, I talk very often about my mental health. I’ve talked about eating disorders. I’ve talked about my anxiety that I have, and that I go to therapy. Sometimes I’ll post pictures and be like you know what, yesterday was a really damn bad day. Since I started working at Buzzfeed and growing more of a social media following, I started with the thought that no matter what, I was always going to be myself. When anybody would come and talk to me, when anyone would say hi to me, I wanted to be the same bitch that you saw on Youtube, that you met in person, and that you saw on Instagram. I don’t really feel trapped in what I do because I know I can’t put on a face. I always feel pretty much myself. I have a decent relationship with social media. I put the picture out, and that’s it. It’s taken me a while to get here.”