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People and Organizations That Provide Online Mental Health Resources for Marginalized Communities

By Melissa Matthews Since March of 2020, we’ve been in a constant state of anxiety and grief. Naturally, you might be looking for mental health resources—or even online mental health resources—to help you cope. In the wake of the pandemic’s arrival, we’ve lost millions of people globally to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Some of us have experienced financial strain, worried about job security, or…

How Practicing Healthy Habits Can Make You Look & Feel Younger

Scientists have long understood that what truly lengthens your life and keeps your later years healthy are the basics we’ve known about for ages: Eat a healthy diet filled with vegetables, exercise regularly, invest in healthy relationships, reduce stress, and get enough sleep. Now a team of researchers has uncovered a potential key reason these actions are so beneficial: they influence our genes.

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