With so much news content being published each day on gc4women.org, we have decided to start a new “Weekend Reads” tradition to keep you informed and connected to the resources to improve your life and business. 

The following are top reads and trending topics on GC4W news:

1. Protecting Your Mental Health at Work

GC4W Weekend Reads
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Unhappy employees often describe their work place as a toxic environment rife with distrust, low morale, negativity, and burnout. But organizational and behavioral health experts have a different word for workplaces that are harmful enough to affect mental and physical health — traumatic.

As many Americans head back into the office this fall, businesses can help mitigate that effect by adopting a “trauma-informed management strategy” that recognizes the extraordinary stresses of the last 18 months, said Hammad S. N’cho, a licensed psychologist who specializes in front-line trauma response.

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2. Mani Thiru On How to Succeed in the Tech Sector

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In her job and in her life, Mani Thiru continues to live by the moral of “joy of exploration, thrill of exploration”. 

“It’s not a thing ‘I do’, it’s a thing ‘I am’, she says. “I’m always seeking something; answers mostly. I explore ideas, I explore people’s mental maps and models, the business/technology landscape and overlay it with commercial and regulatory, political and diplomatic…then connect dots. I imagine different possibilities. The thrill is in that exploratory process.”

In her career working across multiple tech platforms, Thiru has navigated a wide range of environments. These experiences have led her to developing a confidence built on recognising the gender and generational disparities yet still holding her ground. 

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3. Science-Backed Reasons to Read a Book

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There’s nothing like the smell of old books or the crack of a new one’s spine. (Plus, you’ll never run low on battery.) As it turns out, diving into a page-turner can also offer benefits toward your health and happiness. Although more and more people own e-books, it seems safe to say that real books aren’t going anywhere yet, and these benefits of reading are here to stay (as are these good books to read).

Eighty-eight percent of the Americans who read e-books continue to read printed ones as well. And while we’re all for the convenience of digital downloads and a lighter load, we can’t bring ourselves to part with the joy of a good, old-fashioned read or some classic books. When we talk about healthy habits, we might as well add reading books to the list: Here are eight smart reasons to read a real book.

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4. Melinda Gates & MacKenzie Scott are Aiding Equality Initiatives

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GC4W Weekend Reads

Melinda Gates and MacKenzie Scott have joined forces to donate $US40 million to four organizations that promote gender equality.

The billionaire philanthropists donated the money as part of the Equality Can’t Wait Challenge hosted by Pivotal Ventures, the investment company of Melinda Gates. The initiative was supported by MacKenzie Scott, as well as Lynn Schusterman’s family foundation.

They gave $US10 million to the four winners of the challenge, organisations that work to advance the influence of women in the US. The recipients included a collaboration between New Mexico Community Capital and Native Women Lead; Girls Inc.; Ada Developers Academy; and the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Caring Across Generations. These winners were chosen from a pool of 550 candidates.

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