Author Sherrie Campbell shares her 7 keys to developing resilience in her book, Success Equations: A Path to Living and Emotionally Wealthy Life. 

As life knocks you down, the biggest and arguably the most challenging thing to do is to get back up. Being resilient is something that can take practice, but will ultimately make you stronger. According to author Sherrie Campbell, “Resilience is our ability to survive and flourish through our traumas, stressors, responsibility shifts and challenges offered by life.”

Here are her 7 ways to develop resilience.

1. Self Respecting

Knocking yourself down while life is already kicking you does not and will not help your situation. Depending on others to value your self worth will not help you either as you must learn to self-soothe. In her book, Campbell explains that “The resilient carry an attitude of faith that all things will work out in their favor because they deeply believe in the value and worth of who they are, what they have to offer, what their goals are, and the importance of their overall life purpose.”

2. Being Driven 

Campbell explains that “To be resilient we must care deeply about how we are received by others and our abilities to not only perform but to also connect emotionally.” Understanding this will allow you to be naturally more driven, confident, and emotionally intelligent. It works best when you carry a relaxed attitude and view rejection as a new opportunity. Being down when challenged, but committing to getting back up is what makes you resilient.

3. Having Good Judgment 

Knowing the company you keep and who you choose to have relationships with can be rather discerning. It is necessary to cut off those who only bring you down and keep you back from feeling liberated and in control of your life. Campbell’s book explains that “The resilient are aware that their relationship choices have a critical impacting on the productivity of their business because they know that when they are not happy personally that their unhappiness infects their energy for their business pursuits as well.”

4. Being Tasteful 

She explains that “The resilient understand that those who are the loudest are also the least heard… Whenever and wherever we are present, it is our more understated qualities that set us apart from the rest.” Being selective in who you have relationships with and operate your business is recognizing that less is more. Her book tells, “The resilient are wise to understand that confidence doesn’t need for attention, it draws attention.”

5. To be Nurturing

Those who are resilient to whatever they can to get up in the morning to feed their children, partners, pets, careers, and even more importantly themselves. Balancing your life and time is most efficient and essential to being yourself. In her book, she writes that “Nurturing makes us someone others want to have in their lives and we inspire others to give back to us all that we give.”

6. Getting Gritty

Being healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually means that you have to be sharp, determined, and focused on your aspirations. Campbell teaches that “The resilient feel stress just as anyone else does but their tough-mindedness helps them live the motto to never quit.”

7. Being Focused on Others 

It is extremely important to see the good in others and to notice the value and intelligence they bring to your life and business. Her book explains that “The resilient feel stress just as anyone else does but their tough-mindedness helps them live the motto to never quit.”